Automated Website Traffic Secrets You Need to Know Now – Why You Should Never Use Software Programs

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are trying to get more visitors to their site online is that they focus on using software programs to automate all the traffic that they are getting to their site. You have to realize that in most cases you are simply going to waste your time if you do this. In this article I want to show you exactly what you need to do instead.

The Problem With Using Automated Software Programs To Get More Visitors…

One of the most common things that people do online is they will focus on trying to get more visitors to their site by using automated software programs because they think they will help them make more money and get more visitors.

The problem is that in most cases these programs will not do anything for you but waste your time and money. You have to realize that selling software that is automated is a massive business online and people make a lot of money selling these products that are designed to automate everything you are doing online.

The problem is when you use these types of programs to get more visitors to your site, you not only waste your time and money but you could end up getting banned from Google AdWords or even get booted out of the search engines if you don’t watch what you are doing.

So make sure you realize that sometimes the easy way is not always the best way.

Here Is Why They Don’t Usually Work Online…

Reason #1 – Most of them are already outdated before they even come online.

If you are using software programs to get more visitors to your site from Google AdWords, you have to realize that Google is changing its interface all the time and the program that you are using will most likely be outdated before you even start to use it.

Reason #2 – The search engines work non stop to try and make sure these programs don’t work online.

You have to realize that the search engines and other major sources online know what is going on! If you buy a program online you have to realize that the search engines probably already know about it and are working to make sure it does not work with their site.

The search engines have to protect their search results and they have to make sure they stop anyone or any program from manipulating their rankings.

So make sure you stay away from these programs and instead focus on using sources that have been proven to work over a long period of time. That is the best way to increase your traffic.

Salon Scheduling Software Programs – Get the ‘Tangles’ Out of Your Appointment Scheduling Procedures

Like most small businesses, salons are always looking for ways to improve their operations, simplify their procedures and improve their customers’ satisfaction. And like many businesses these days, salon operators are looking for ways to cut costs and improve their bottom-line. Ask any small business owner and he or she can probably recite a list of actions taken to accomplish this.

Although the choices are endless, one important area often overlooked is appointment scheduling. It’s a vital part of most salon operations, and one that businesses can easily automate with online scheduling software.


Salons rely on accurate appointment scheduling to ensure smooth operations for their stylists and customers. Think of the mayhem that could ensue if this didn’t happen: Incorrect appointment times, double-bookings for the same stylist, clients not showing up for their scheduled appointments. Most salon operators are keenly aware of this and take appointment scheduling seriously. However, the manner in which they book appointments and manage client information may not be the most efficient.

The traditional manner of scheduling appointments-and one that some salon operators still rely upon-involves taking appointments by phone and writing them into a paper appointment book. Some may substitute the appointment book for an electronic calendar such as Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. In either case, the process involves a receptionist or stylist answering the phone, checking an appointment book or calendar for availability, and then manually entering the information.

Not only is this method inefficient and time-consuming, it can also require stylists to take time away from their clients to answer the phone and take appointments, especially at salons that do not employ a receptionist. It also does not give clients an option of booking their appointments online and at their convenience, especially during non-business hours when the salon is closed.

Additionally, this scheduling process can also make it difficult to easily and accurately conduct other related tasks, such as record-keeping, creating reports and communicating with clients.

A growing number of salon operators recognize the challenges this manner of booking appointments and managing client information can create, which is why many are turning to online scheduling


Most online reservation systems are Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, whereby salon operators access the software through a Web site or other online portal. The concept is similar to online banking or e-mail: A user navigates to a Web page, logs in, and then manages his or her account. Once a salon operator or staffer establishes an account, he or she can then customize the online scheduler to best meet the needs of the salon.

Although features differ from provider to provider, most offer such standard functionality as:

• Online Self-Scheduling. Considered the most beneficial feature by many users, this functionality allows salon clients to securely access an online scheduler, view available dates, times and services, and then book their appointment. Because it’s Web-based, clientele can access it at any time of day and not just during salon business hours.

• Automated E-mail and Text Message Reminders. A major disruption for many salon operators and stylists are “no-shows” who fail to appear for their appointments. These not only affect the appointment schedule, but can also cut into a salon’s bottom line, as “no-shows” take up spots that other clients could schedule appointments for. Surveys results show that proper use of reminders can reduce the “no-show” rate by over 50 percent. Clients will also appreciate receiving them prior to their scheduled appointment.

• Online Payment Options. If permitted by the salon, some online scheduling software providers give users the option of allowing clients to pay for services online at the time they book their appointments.

• E-marketing. As the system collects and manages all entered client information, online schedulers offer a perfect tool for a salon’s e-marketing campaign. Users can effortlessly pull e-mail and contact information for communicating updates, discounts, specials and other relevant information to clients.

• Record-Keeping and Reports.Accurate record-keeping is important to business operations, but collecting, managing and analyzing client data can be a tedious process, especially when pulling information from different files, folders and other sources. Most scheduling software programs offer report-generating capabilities, allowing salons to get an accurate analysis of their appointments and clients.


As mentioned above, salon operators can choose from a variety of online scheduling programs. Although each salon operates differently and has its specific needs, Web-based software is usually an operator’s best bet for automating their appointment processes. Here are the reasons why:

• Accessibility. Probably the most important difference between the two, online appointment-scheduling software offers salon operators and stylists the ability to access their accounts and schedules from any Internet location. More traditional software installed on an individual typically restricts user access to that computer. Although it may provide access from outside the home, office or other place where it’s located, it usually requires additional steps to accomplish this.

• The Self-Scheduling Feature. A popular feature among users that’s essential for automating the scheduling process, self-scheduling is a natural fit for a SaaS application. More traditional software programs may offer this functionality, but it would most likely be an expensive alternative to Web-based technology, given the extensive programming and set-up procedures necessary to permit this service on existing computer networks and systems. Online reservation systems also make it easier to automate e-mail and text message reminders.

• Cost. As with any new purchase, cost will be an issue at most salons. Prices can vary, from free to thousands of dollars. Web-based software is usually the more affordable choice and offers the best functionality. Some service providers offer month-to-month payments options as well as longer contracts.

The economic conditions of the past few years have shown that businesses must be willing to do more with less to stay afloat. Technological advancements such as online appointment-scheduling software make this transition easy for owners, operators and staff. Not only does it provide tremendous benefit to the overall business activities of salon operators, it also provides a much-appreciated benefit to customers. Give online scheduling software a try and watch as it “untangles” your appointment-setting processes.

The Best Self Storage Software Programs

Identifying the best self storage software programs can be difficult. This is largely because although many of the features may seem similar, the differences can actually be very large. Another common problem is that the best software for one person may not be the best for you. Fortunately, there are a few general rules that you can follow when trying to decide which self source software program is going to be the best fit for your business.

Self Storage Software Programs Minimize Manual Tasks

One of the most important things that your self storage software should do is minimize the tasks that are normally done manually. This could range from sending out monthly billing statements to general accounting. For example, a common problem that a lot of people run into is that their software cannot process a certain type of payment that they often receive, such as direct deposits or payments through an online gateway. The whole point of using this type of software is to help you stay organized and minimize the amount of time needed doing these types of manual tasks. If the software doesn’t end up saving you time, then you should definitely be looking into a different option.

Software Programs Integrate When Needed

Another characteristic of the elite self storage software programs is that they can be easily integrated with the hardware that you are using as well as other pieces of software. For example, if you are running a newer version of Windows 7, then your software should be compatible with it. If the software developer cannot keep up with recent releases, then there’s a good chance that you will not be able to get support when you need it. Additionally, depending on the type of software that you decide to use, it needs to integrate with your other tools. For example, if you choose a basic software that does not include an online payment gateway, then it should at least be able to integrate with the one you are using now.

The Best Software Programs Can Be Self Contained

Ideally, integration will be a minimal issue because the software itself is fairly self-contained. The more comprehensive the software is, the less opportunity there is for an integration problem to occur. Many of the best self storage software programs can now not only manager property, but also send out automatic billing reminders, except payments, and even take care of your general accounting needs. There are many industries where getting the software with the most features isn’t always beneficial, but the self storage industry isn’t one of them.

Software Programs Should Allow You to Expand

Finally, the best self storage software programs will have the ability to grow and expand as your company does. For example, there is a lot of software that was designed with the small business owner in mind. They can do everything you need, but once you have multiple properties the software actually becomes more of a hindrance because it wasn’t designed to handle information from multiple locations. A simple solution to this problem that has become popular is to provide you with a web-based platform that can integrate with your local software. This insures that you get access to information provided from multiple locations in a centralized admin area. With this capability, expanding your self storage business will never cause an issue with your software.